About Us

Alexander Interiors was founded in 1999 by Juliana Alexander, who trained as an interior designer and is passionate about stylish living. Juliana had a vision of creating candles that lasted and, unlike conventional candles, looked attractive even once they had been lit.

By experimenting with different blends of candle wax, she perfected the blend pressed into wax crystals that today is the signature product of Alexander Interiors.

Seventeen years on Alexander Interiors candles are sold at the most stylish shows and markets and supplied to a few outlets throughout the UK. The reusable candles are enjoyed in thousands of British and European homes and at private and corporate functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does the wax last?
A. Each wick burns for approximately 12 hours. A bag will last for 120 hours based on burning 1 wick at a time.

Q. When are the last orders for Christmas?
A. Wednesday 18th December is the last guaranteed date, orders placed after this date may not be delivered in time.

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?
A. Orders are dispatched about twice a week on a 48-hour service. If you need your order before a specific date please advise us of this in the comments box.

Q. Can I order items to be sent internationally or to Northern Ireland?
A. Yes, with orders to France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland orders, you can order directly online. With all other countries, shipping costs are dependant on the weight and the country. Please contact us directly with your order for a quote and we will search for the best available option to deliver to you.

Q. How much wax fill does it take to fill up each container?
A. Please refer to the more info section of a product for amounts of wax.

Q. How high up should the wick be when I first light it?
A. 10mm to avoid wasting burning time.

Q. How can I order more containers, wax or wicks?
A. By mail order or from our retail outlets:

  • From our Online Shop!
  • Covent Garden Apple market Tuesdays to Sundays but please check with us before making a special visit as we are not always there
  • Retail shows and Christmas Markets. We will be at Grand Designs in Excel and Birmingham. The Ideal Home Shows in London and Manchester and Christmas markets in Winchester, Manchester, Hyde Park, Milton Keynes and Edinburgh. Please contact us if you require any further details.

Q. How do I float the wax on water?
A. Please refer to the instructions link below.

Q. Can I add scent/perfume to the wax crystals?
A. Yes, just pour a few drops of your chosen essential oil around the wick (not over it) and as the wax melts the scent will be released.

Q. Can I colour the wax?
A. Yes, with food colouring or powder paints. When using dyes, please take care, as the colouring could stain hands and clothing.

Q. How do I buy wholesale from you?
A. Please get in contact with us with your details/requirements. Where you intend to sell the product and your website details.

Q. What can I put the wax crystals in?
A. Anything heat resistant, for example, metal, ceramic, glass containers. Please be careful to follow the spacing instructions.

Wax Instructions